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Powdercoat Colours

Powder Coat Colours

A finish of Powder Coat is the most suitable and durable coating available for aluminium products. An extensive range of colours is available, including the full range of Colourbond colours. However, due to the powder coating process, colours cannot be mixed or tinted like wet paints. Colours displayed on your computer may not match the real colour, and are only a guide. We recommended you view an actual colour sample before settling on your choice of finish colour. To ensure a long life in a corrosive environment, a chromate pretreatment is essential when powder coating aluminium.


Like the painted surface on your car, good maintenance is essential to ensure your Powder Coated surfaces enjoy a long life. Just as your car is kept clean with regular washing, powder coated surfaces require routine cleaning to remove corrosive dirt and grime. As a general rule, cleaning of external powder coated surfaces must take place every three months. Where salts and pollutants are more prevalent, such as the seaside or near industrial and geothermal areas, cleaning should be carried out monthly. For more detailed information read these brochures. Warranties will be voided if maintenance has not been carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


1 year Warranty, in particular powder coat finish, is subject to critical guidelines by the manufacturers and must be carefully considered. ALL FAB QLD passes on the manufactures/applicators warranty. This means that the powder coat finish is to comply with the relevant standard (AS3715) and if proven not to have conformed then the manufacturer/applicator of the powder coat will be liable for the re-coat. This warranty expressly excludes any compensatory claim or consequential losses by the customer. Damaged powder coated surfaces as a result of damage by other contractors is not covered by this warranty. The life expectancy of the finish will vary according to the environmental conditions that the item is subject to and the quality of the maintenance performed by the customer. (Refer to dulux or interpon powder coat care & maintenance requirements.) Longer warranty powder coating is available at extra cost and a documented maintenance program is required.

The guarantee period commences from date of completion and is valid only if full payment for the products has been received in accordance with terms of contract.